The best way to schedule an appointment with any of our artists is to fill out a consultation form located on our home page. Selecting your preferred artist and being as concise and clear about your idea as possible will help us accommodate you quickly.  If you are unsure who you want to book with, our manager will help find the right artist for you based on your style, timeframe and personal preferences.

On the day of your appointment:

Please make sure that you are prepared to be tattooed for the time that you have scheduled.

(i.e. on time, have eaten, are not on any substances, have the appropriate amount of money as agreed upon or the hourly rate for the hours that you are scheduled.)

We are a custom shop, not a street shop and work hard to provide a relaxing and calm environment for our clients. Many of our clients travel from great distances and sit for multiple hours in a session, which takes deep mental focus and stress-free atmosphere. Please be considerate of other clients and DO NOT bring children, multiple bystanders, and any other possible disruptions into the tattoo shop.

If our artists feel like you don’t respect their time or value their services, they are free to discontinue the work relationship at any time.