In addition to custom tattooing, our reception area is dedicated to a constantly changing gallery space and oddities shop. It displays local art of many mediums from many different artists. Our four full-time artists each bring their own unique talent and personality to Ravenwood. While our work suggests an work overarching style of clean, ornate, organic, macabre and fantasy related works, there is a clear distinction between each artists’ style, allowing us to accommodate most requests within a large spectrum.

If you are unsure which artist is right for you, our shop manager can expertly point you in the right direction of who is best suited for the job, even if that person is outside of our shop. We want our clients to have the very best person for the job to result in the very best tattoo for each individual.

We Value: 

Creativity: Cultivating an environment that fosters free thinking, independence, learning, and continued growth as an artist. Working together to share ideas and challenge each other to pursue our artistic limits and think outside of the box to create meaningful, authentic visionary works.

Community: Helping those around us who are in need or suffering in an effort to increase the quality of life of ourselves and those around us, in particular by bringing art to others. Connecting with other local artists/visionaries, and thus seeking and inspiration to pursue our dreams/live a fulfilling life, as well as sharing that with others.

Kindness: supporting co-workers and employees by accepting them for who they are, but also challenging them to be the best version of their authentic self by finding gratitude, curiosity and respect for each individual.